Carer Positive Carers Week Pledges

Jun 16, 2021

We were thrilled to see so many Carer Positive Employers making pledges for Carers Week last week. Check out what they were saying below:


Caledonian University: Glasgow Caledonian University pledges to continue our work supporting staff and student carers as part of our wider commitment to inclusion and diversity.




Aberdeenshire Council

Aberdeenshire Council pledge to make young carers in Aberdeenshire more visible and valued. Aberdeenshire Council provide support to young carers as outlined in the recently updated Aberdeenshire Young Carers Strategy, along with its Eligibility Criteria for Young Carers to access social care services. Aberdeenshire Council produced a new range of young carer materials at the end of 2020, which were designed with input from local young carers at Mackie Academy, Stonehaven. The chosen vibrant design has been used in new posters and leaflets, with the aim to increase awareness of young carers in schools and the wider community. Links to these publications can be found on the Aberdeenshire Council Carer Support website, along with our Unpaid Carers’ Information Pack containing information on carers’ rights, finances, concessions, training, emergency planning, short breaks & respite, carers support groups and useful contacts. For printed copies of our documents or any carer support queries email Aberdeenshire Council will work with their Commissioned Carer Support Service Quarriers to provide carer support in Aberdeenshire to adult and young carers. Aberdeenshire Council pledge to continue support to employees who also have an unpaid caring role out with the workplace. Aberdeenshire Council continue to work towards the final level of Carer Positive, a scheme that recognises employers in Scotland who provide a supportive working environment for employees who also have an unpaid caring role out with the workplace.



Milan Senior Welfare Organisation: Milan senior welfare organisation pledge to support unpaid carers from the South Asian Communities to be visible, recognized, and rewarded for their valuable contributions.


Renfrewshire Council

We recognise the contributions that our working carers make to caring for their family and friends, particularly during the current pandemic. Often, this can have an impact upon other aspects of their life including health and wellbeing and finance. We pledge to make caring “Visible and Valued”. We are a carer friendly employer, endorsing a culture of support for our carers, to show that we both recognise and value the contribution that our carers make to society. In doing so, we support our carers through our positive working practices and carer friendly policies, our carers leave policy and our flexible working practices. We will provide platforms and support for our carers to tell their stories in a safe and supportive space. During Carers Week 2021, we will be looking to raise the profile of carers by highlighting what it means to be a working carer, signposting the support and information available for carers and their manager’s within Renfrewshire Council and other organisations such as the local carers centre. We will be promoting our ‘Carers Leave Policy’, ‘Carers Connected Forum’ and the importance of looking after your health and wellbeing.


Scottish Water: We pledge to continue to support our Carer's Network and the work they do in making caring visible and valued.

Claire Baker MSP: I pledge to recognise and support the work that carers do, and to help Make Caring Visible and Valued. So many of our unpaid carers do not receive the support they deserve for the hard work that they do. We all need to help recognise and support them in their roles. As a Carer Positive employer I will continue to highlight this scheme across Mid Scotland and Fife and urge others to join. This Carers Week I will champion support for unpaid carers in the Scottish Parliament and I renew my pledge to support all the amazing carers in Scotland.


Quarriers Carer Support Service (Moray)

Quarriers Carer Support Service (Moray) pledges to continue supporting the amazing unpaid carers of Moray by making them more visible within the community and valued for the vital job they do day in and day out. The contribution they make is enormous and their efforts Herculean. Unpaid carers, we salute you!

Alex Rowely MSP: Our carers play a vital role in our communities and rightly deserve recognition, but also greater support. The Government must recognise the role our carers play and put their wellbeing and the forefront of a new National Care Service.

Marion Fellows MP: I pledge to continue to stand up for carers to ensure they get fair treatment, recognition and support for the vital work they do in our communities.