East Ayrshire Carers Centre Become Carer Positive

Dec 1, 2023

Last week we were thilled to present East Ayrshire Carers Centre with their Carer Positive Engaged award during an online session.

From their appliction, it was clear that there is a strong foundation and culture of support for carers embedded within the organisation – both in the work they undertake to support carers in the local community, and also enabling staff to benefit from the knowledge, empathy and practical help available. They were also able to show the more formalised policy, flexibility and supportive working practices that can really benefit workers who have caring responsibilities.

They were also able to supply testimonials from two members of staff who are carers, which really highlighted the difference that this type of empathetic and supportive working environment can make to carers, and was fantastic to see.

Congratulations to everyone at East Ayrshire Carers Center on all the work you do to support carers, and particularly those involved in building this workplace support.