NHS Grampian Receive their Carer Positive Award During Carers Week

Jun 11, 2021

On Wednesday we were thrilled to present our first Carer Positive award of Carers Week to NHS Grampian.

We were able to discuss the work that NHS Grampian have been doing to build support for carers in the workplace and present the Engaged level award, formally welcoming them as a Carer Positive recognised employer.


nhs grampian presentation.png


There is a strong commitment within the organisation to supporting staff who are carers in balancing their work roles with caring responsibilities.They also communicate this is well throughout the organisation through policies and awareness raising activities.

Their ‘We Care’ programme which focuses on health and wellbeing at NHS Grampian signposts to and highlights focused support aimed specifially at carers. We were also able to see a testimonial supplied by a carer working at the organisation which demonstrated the difference that working in a supportive environment makes – alleviating stress and worry through empathy and reassurance.