Social Security Scotland Become an Exemplary Employer

Jan 20, 2023

This week we were delighted to present Social Security Scotland with their Exemplary level Carer Positive award.

Social Security Scotland were established in April 2018 as a result of the Scottish parliament passing the Social Security (Scotland) act, and their first project was to introduce the Carers Allowance Supplement. Since then, they have worked hard to support carers both in their work and within the organisation.

We have frequently highlighted Social Security Scotland as a good example to other employers who are working to build support for carers and recently had them featured in the case study video below.



Therefore, it was a pleasure to travel to their new campus in Dundee on Thursday to present the award in person. We were able to hear about the supportive working environment that they have created, future plans, and from some of the working carers who have benefitted from the support.

Read more about the award here on Social Security Scotland’s website.

And watch a short interview with Sue here, discussing the support that Social Security Scotland have put in place over the years.