About us

Carer Positive is a Scottish Government funded initiative which has been developed with the support of a strong partnership of private, public and voluntary sector organisations in Scotland.

Who we are and how we got here

The development of a ‘caring for carers’ scheme was listed as one of ten manifesto commitments for carers in 2011 to ‘recognise those employers who offer the best support to carers, allowing them the flexibility they often need to deliver care at home’.

Carers Scotland was funded to take this commitment forward, and an Advisory Group of key stakeholders has supported the development of the initiative.

This has included the NHS; Scottish Chambers of Commerce; Scottish Council for Development and Industry; Federation of Small Businesses; Institute of Directors; the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development; Carers organisations; British Telecom; British Gas; HMRC, the Scottish Court Service, STUC; Unison; Healthy Working Lives and ‘see me’ Scotland.

A wide range of employers across Scotland were consulted on the development of the Carer Positive award to ensure that it is accessible to organisations of all sizes and across all sectors.

Carer Positive is operated by Carers Scotland on behalf of the Scottish Government.

With the aim of ‘making life better for carers’, Carers Scotland:

  • gives expert advice, information and support
  • connects carers so no-one has to care alone
  • campaigns together for lasting change
  • innovates to find new ways to reach and support carers