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Carer Positive has produced some new resources designed to help employers develop the package of support best suited to their particular circumstances.  These cover suggestions and examples on the types of measures employers can take to provide a supportive working environment for carers in their workforce.

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Best practice in supporting carers – essential information for employers

This guide takes employers through the 5 key areas of support in the Carer Positive award framework.It includes a series of best practice examples from some of our Carer Positive employers.

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Sample policy documents – from Carer Positive employers across Scotland

Featuring examples of policies which some of our employers have in place to support carers. A range of leave, flexible working, and practical support options are presented, with all policies clearly highlighting how carers are supported within each organisation.

Carer Positive and small employers

All sizes of organisations can become Carer Positive.  Some of the questions small employers may have are answered here.

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Carer Positive employer videos

We have worked with some of our Carer Positive employers in Scotland to produce a series of videos designed to highlight best practice in supporting employees with caring responsibilities.

Each video features the experiences of carers and their employers, showing the benefits of good support from both perspectives.  

Organisations featured are:

You can watch the whole series below – just click the icon in the top left hand corner of the video to bring up a menu listing all six videos.


 * The Learning & sharing event also features Wheatley Group, Scottish Gas, the Scottish Courts and Tribunal Service, West Dunbartonshire Council, Dumfries & Galloway Council, NHS Dumfries & Galloway and Dumfries & Galloway Carers Centre

Organisations and projects

 Employer For Carer

Employers for Carers hosts a range of useful information and resources. This includes further evidence of the business case for supporting carers and case studies highlighting the difference that simple but effective actions can make to employers and carers alike.

Working Families

Working Families helps parents and carers achieve work life balance. Extensive resources for employers include access to the Top Employers for Working Families Awards and Benchmark. The Scottish special awards include The Carers Scotland best for carers and eldercare award.


Acas has produced a number of good practice guides on handling requests to work flexibly in a ‘reasonable manner’:

Also visit the UK Government website on flexible working


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Equal Partners in Care (EPiC) is a joint project between NHS Education in Scotland (NES) and the Scottish Social Services Council (SSSC) to implement the workforce education and learning elements of the Carers Strategy 2010-15. It aims to support workers from health, social services and other sectors to work in partnership with carers and young carers, and to achieve better outcomes for all involved in the caring relationship. It provides a range of learning resources to help best practice become universal practice.

Useful resources include the 'Carer Aware' e-module, which could be very helpful in line manager/staff training.  The module covers Level 1 of the EPiC core principles, including the knowledge and skills that all workers need to identify and support carers. It should take 25-30 minutes to complete, with a quiz at the end to get a certificate of completion. The module sits on the NHS Knowledge Network and Social Services Knowledge Scotland but is relevant to organisations across all sectors.  


Caring counts badge

Caring Counts is a self-reflection and planning course developed with and for carers. Working with carers and carers organisations, The Open University in Scotland has developed a free online course to support carers to reflect on their caring journey and identify the skills and abilities they have gained and continue to gain in their caring role.   

The course features the stories and experiences of a range of carers from very diverse backgrounds and caring circumstances, who share their lives in text and on film. Users have the option of completing a series of quizzes to gain a digital badge marking their achievement in  completing the course.

Similarly, the newly launched Caring Counts in the Workplace is a free online course to help managers and policy makers develop a clearer understanding of the issues faced by carers as they juggle their caring role with their working life. It helps to gain a greater appreciation of carers' personal qualities and recognise the range of highly transferable skills and attributes that people develop in a caring role, and which can enhance their employability and value within the workforce.

Studying Caring Counts in the Workplace also provides the opportunity to gain a digital badge.

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The Scottish Centre for Healthy Working Lives aims to help employers create a safer, healthier and more motivated workforce. Advisers work with all kinds of businesses, free of charge, offering practical information and advice to help improve health and safety and the wellbeing of everyone at work. As part of this, the Awards programme includes consideration of support provided to carers in the workplace.  Healthy Working Lives awards now include criteria aligned to achieving Carer Positive levels. 



see me is Scotland’s national campaign to end the stigma and discrimination of mental ill-health.

Many organisations across Scotland have signed the 'see me' pledge and developed an associated action plan, making a public commitment to tackling the stigma experienced by people with mental health problems. 

Carer Passport Resources

Visit the Carer Passport website for information on how introducing a Carer Passport scheme can help carers in the workplace.

You can also download this guide to explore the benefits of setting up your own scheme and get tools and resources to help. 

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Support for carers

Links to local support groups and other advice & information sources:

 Carers Scotland/Carers UK 

 Carers Trust Scotland 

 Shared Care Scotland

 Crossroads Caring Scotland

 Coalition of Carers in Scotland

 Minority Ethnic Carers of Older People Project

 The Scottish Young Carers Services Alliance

 Scottish Government 

 Care Information Scotland

Scottish Top Employers Awards 2017

The Scottish Top Employer Awards are run by Family Friendly Working Scotland (FFWS) and celebrate progressive employers – large and small - in the area of flexible and family friendly working.

We are delighted to announce that 3 of our Carer Positive employers were recognised in The Carers Scotland best for Carers and Eldercare Award category.  Overall winner of this award was the Scottish Courts and Tribunals Service, and highly commended were NHS Lothian and Standard Life. 

To see the full list of finalists and winners, and for more information about the annual awards please visit the FFWS website.  


Positive words

“At Wheatley, we aim to be a supportive and inclusive organisation. We recognise that many of our employees have caring responsibilities at home, so any best practice we can implement to support our carers will benefit both us as an employer and our employees. We are delighted to be recognised as an early adopter of the Carer Positive Award." 

 “One of the pledges in the Perth & Kinross Joint Strategy for Adult Carers is to help make Perth and Kinross a better place for all carers. This Carer Positive award is a sign that Perth & Kinross Council is committed to supporting its employees in caring roles to maintain their health, wellbeing and their life beyond their caring role."

“This award shows that NHS Dumfries and Galloway is committed to working with Carers to provide the flexibility they need. As one of the region’s biggest employers it is essential that our staff, and prospective employees, know that this Board is sympathetic to the needs of Carers and willing to implement Carer friendly policies to support our workforce.”

 “HM Revenue and Customs in LC SME Scotland are delighted to have been involved in the Carer Positive project from its inception.  We see the award as something all employers will want to aspire to achieve.  We are really pleased to be early adopters and look forward to working through the process, learning as we go.”

“NHS Borders are keen to be involved in the Carer Positive Initiative. NHS Borders currently have Policies for Special Leave & Flexible Working & we will be revising Policies in to align to PIN guidance. We have established a Steering Group which will be creating a workplan to achieve the Engaged Level of the Carer Positive award.”

“I am delighted that West Dunbartonshire Council is setting an example by becoming the first local authority to receive this award. Being a carer can be very demanding and statistics show that as many as one in five carers give up work due to their caring responsibilities. Having a supportive employer can be the difference between a carer remaining at work or feeling that they have no choice but to give up.”

“Stirling Carers Centre provides a wide range of information, advice and support services for unpaid carers in the Stirling area and we find that many struggle with their work-life balance. It is crucial that we do everything we can to support our staff in their caring role as this can make a big difference to their lives.”